Healthcare Mobility Practice



One stop patient-centric app for all the Healthcare Needs

V23 provides access to specialist doctors, pharmacies, and diagnostic tests, all at the comfort of your home. Our patient-centric services make certain that every v23 member’s medical necessity is catered to without any undue hassle of finding nearest and best medical service provider, booking appointments, video consultation, second opinions, ordering medicines online, digital medical records storage to accessing quality health and wellbeing content.







A healthcare practice management and Patient Engagement Solution

V23+ is a powerful practice management app that aspects at automating and fetching in efficiencies for the providers (clinics, doctors, pharmacy, diagnostic tests, etc.) in getting new patients, managing patient contacts, and scheduling appointments. It facilitates communications with patients through chat, email, and video; create-store and hare EMR of patients; share e-prescription, lab reports to the patients account; and many more.



A suite of products that cover the extensive range of HIS and CIS modules to serve all the software needs of a hospital

The Charak modules cover the entire patient care process and envisages an integrated ecosystem comprising administrative process (e.g. billing, material management), clinical process (e.g. orders, documentations, notes) together with ancillary systems (e.g. Laboratory information, Device integration). The solution aims to minimize the total cost of ownership for the hospital by significantly reducing hardware requirements, preferring product configuration instead of specific customization, minimizing run time licenses and keeping low-cost service delivery.




Healthcare Use Cases


Patient Care

A patient engagement platform that enables patient-provider communication throughout the care continuum.


Find Doctor

Incorporates simple navigation, efficient organization, and streamlined gestures to help patients find a doctor with respect to qualification, location, rating, etc.


Healthcare Analytics

Creates a healthcare analytics culture that includes business intelligence and predictive analytics tools


Find Labs & Pharmacies

Leading crowd-sourced search directory to connect labs & pharmacies in terms of affordability, accessibility, quality, & service.


Health Document Vault

Avoid the clutter of papers by using the unique Document Vault feature. Upload, store, organize, access, and share all the health data in one place.


Video Consultation

Let patients book a video consultation appointment, and then consult their preferred doctor on video. Providers do not have to be in clinic to practice.


Appointment Scheduling

Provide patients the facility to schedule appointments from anywhere at any time with automatic reminders, follow-up scheduling & queue management.


Set health reminders

Enable reminders to take medicines, drink water, take a break from work, go for a walk, etc.


Electronic Medical Records

A fast, simple and versatile EMR module that is quicker than writing & adopted by over 1OO healthcare entities.


Medicine Orders

Patients can find nearest pharmacies, send prescriptions, receive quotations, order medicines and get quick delivery at home or office.


Health & Wellbeing Content

Access to endless health and wellbeing content that helps in identifying symptoms and be proactive regarding their own (or someone else’s) healthcare.


Gain Credits for Each Activity

Pay online, generate e- prescription, refer to specialists, book an appointment, etc. Gain credits - redeem for real rewards.


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