Lightning Fast Wi-Fi 7

Wi-Fi has steadily improved over time. Wi-Fi 6 is a much-improved version as compared to the previous version. It has started taking over the market but hasn’t become mainstream yet. But researchers are already working on Wi-Fi 7.

The development is still at early stages and one cannot really comment on the capabilities of the technology but it is expected that with Wi-Fi 7, user can reach up to 30 Gbps. It will be a great improvement over Wi-Fi 6 which reaches up to 1.5 Gbps. This means that the new version will provide 20 times faster connections. It will also provide better stability, longer network range, enhanced security standards, and lesser network congestion.

Wi-Fi 7 will be highly capable. So, to leverage the advantages of the latest technology the current network infrastructure will not be sufficient. So, a major infrastructure overhaul will also be required.

The technology is said to use new airwaves to operate which come in at 6 GHz frequency band. These airwaves will be first deployed with Wi-Fi 6 to ease the congestion of the network. This change will be first done in the US and Europe, and then to other regions. Connectivity will also improve because of the new MIMO (multi-input multi-output) standard, UL MU-MIMO. It helps users upload data using MIMO protocol. Here, different bits of transmitting data are bounced off various intermediate devices at the same time.

The improved connectivity will definitely help boost the IoT innovations as data will help establish quick connections among the connected devices.