Technology to help employees continue working from home

The recent Coronavirus outbreak has now been declared a pandemic by WHO and the organizations are taking steps to ensure the safety of their employees and advising them to work from home to reduce the person to person contact. But working from home definitely has its own drawbacks for the businesses. Because of the lack of personal contact, decision making slows down. Important decisions cannot be taken quickly because of the lack of board meetings. And it definitely makes the employees less enthusiastic and enthusiasm has many factors that affect it and one of them is seeing how enthusiastic your colleagues or teams are for something.

But technology is already here to help the organizations maintain their pace. Remote networking has emerged as a key technology during these work from home times. According to research from VPN vendor Atlas, VPN usage in the U.S. grew by 53% between March 9 and 15. They have further said that the usage of VPN could grow at a faster rate in the coming weeks. In Italy, the country which is 2 weeks ahead in terms of Coronavirus outbreak, the VPN usage has increased by 112%. According to the same report by Atlas, the VPN usage in the US could increase by over 150% by the end of March.

Increasing the use of remote networking will definitely stress the network services. To reduce the cellular data network congestion, the US government has already started granting access to different spectrums to the cellular network companies. Recently, the US government has granted temporary access to the spectrum in the 600MHz band for T-Mobile.

The involvement of the usage of VPN networks definitely raises security concerns. The usage of home networks can also be unsafe sometimes. Educating the employees is the best solution for this as they are the ones who can ensure the security of their home internet access. And the organizations will definitely need to do this as nobody knows the time limit on the pandemic.